NZTA approved KiwiSafer™ Culvert End (KSCE) solution to address culvert end hazards.
The KiwiSafer™ culvert end is a patented design (NZ Patent No: 583493) which significantly reduces the severity of the culvert crash impact. The Kiwi Safer™ culvert ends is the only MAS H 2009 performance tested and compliant culvert safety end. Performance is achieved through a deformable culvert safety end that provides a traversable surface and eliminates vehicle snagging hazards.
Manufactured using corrugated plastic pipe, KSCE offers a significant cost effective culvert end solution as there is less need for heavy machinery, and the installation can be done more quickly.
KiwiSafer™ Culvert Ends are available for culverts with
internal diameters from DN225 to 450mm.